Welcome to Video / Telephonic Counseling!
Welcome to Video counseling, a new option available for counseling services.  Video counseling is available to anyone in New Mexico who has a camera and microphone capacity.  It can be done through computer, tablet or smartphone.   We can also do telephonic sessions if you do not have video capabilities or you would prefer telephonic counseling.  
I use a secure HIPAA compliant platform so you can be assured the counseling sessions are private and confidential.  All paperwork you fill out will be delivered back through secure email, or can be mailed back snail-mail assuring your privacy.
Video and telephonic counseling has many benefits:
  • Access to counseling services for rural or remote areas of New Mexico
  • Ability to see your counselor more quickly and easily
  • Maneuverability of location, as can be done with a laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Ability to see your counselor while traveling / out of town
  • Access to counseling services for homebound individuals
  • No traveling or parking hassles
  • Gives another option to face-to-face counseling, if it is preferable

Some drawbacks to Video counseling are:

  • It is not face-to-face so that the whole environment may not be viewable (body language etc.)
  • From time-to-time there can be connection problems or technical issues.  If they arise, we will do our best to troubleshoot these problems together. If the video/audio connection cannot be recovered we will have the option to continue the session telephonically.

If you feel video/telephonic counseling is a good choice for you, find out how to schedule a session below.

Who Qualifies?
All Medicaid insurance plans allow for video and telephonic counseling and I can accept them all (Presbyterian, Molina, United/Optum, Blue Cross/Blue Sheild).  
Commercial Insurance plans may or may not allow Video/telephonic counseling.  Please check with your insurance company to find out if Video Counseling is part of your behavioral health insurance benefit.
EAP benefits may or may not allow video counseling depending on the EAP company contract.  Please check with your particular EAP company to see if it will be authorized.  
* Some EAP companies have their own video counseling system.  If this is the case, follow your EAP's emailed instructions on how to proceed.  
Self-Pay individuals automatically qualify and can make payment through the Online Payment tab on this website.
Equipment Specifics:
Desktop or Laptop with microphone and/or camera:   You will need either Google Chrome or Firefox browser. Click URL link in email or put URL link in the browser.
Android phone:   Click URL link in email or put URL link in the browser.
iPhone and/or iPad:  Download Doxy.me app at https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/doxy.me/id995641397?mt=8   then put in URL when prompted.
How to schedule a Video Counseling session:
You can either call the office at 505-301-3408 or schedule on this website.  To schedule online, click the Schedule Online tab.  Check both Albuquerque or Santa Fe and click "video/telephonic session" for open times and dates that would suit you.  Once you've found an open session time you would like, follow the prompts to schedule the session.   Please include an email address to send paperwork and any Insurance information or EAP authorization # you will be using.  We will send you the paperwork after your session is scheduled, and instruction on how to send the paperwork back.  We must receive your completed paperwork before your first counseling session.
On your session date and time, either click on the email link I will send you, or return here to the Video Counseling tab and enter the Waiting Room below.  I will click you into session at the session time.  
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